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Large Scale Electrical Services
Small Power & Lighting
In the modern digital world, there is a constant demand for electricity and power. Whether the requirement is a new commercial or domestic development, expanding/refurbishing an existing building or you simply want to increase the number of plug sockets around your premises to make your life easier, JD Geerings Electrical can provide a reliable installation to meet your needs.

From electrical wiring and rewiring services, fuse board installation and light fittings, the service provided by JD Geerings Electrical is second to none.
Large Scale Electrical Services
Cable management systems are key to a safe and efficient installation. JD Geerings supply and install whatever the requirement. Typically this will come in the form of racking, tray, trunking or conduit.
Large Scale Electrical Services
LV & ELV Distribution
We provide low-voltage power supply and distribution services for new developments and existing projects. That offered by JD Geerings Electrical is the full package from design, supply, installation, inspection and ongoing service & maintenance.
Large Scale Electrical Services
Fire Alarm Systems
High quality fire detection methods are imperative to ensure optimum safety for occupants and apart from the obvious practical benefits, fire alarm systems are a necessity by law.

JD Geerings Electrical provide full design, supply, installation and testing commissioning for both domestic and commercial buildings.
Large Scale Electrical Services
AOV Systems
Planning authorities make AOV/smoke ventilation provisions a condition for granting planning permission in a large range of buildings from blocks of flats, offices and even some single family homes. Once again, this is a fire safety requirement.

Whether manual or automatic (depending on the specific building requirements), JD Geerings Electrical will provide a solution to meet each specific need.
Large Scale Electrical Services
Security – CCTV, Door Entry & Access Control
Security systems including CCTV and door entry/access control are essential for residents, homeowners and businesses to protect their property from theft and damage. Not only does it help staff and customers within businesses or individuals within their home feel safe, but it will also provide vital evidence in the event of any major incident.
JD Geerings Electrical professional team are set-up to provide a bespoke solution to the need of each project.
Large Scale Electrical Services
IRS Systems
An IRS (integrated reception system) brings multiple benefits and offers a solution that provides home owners and tenants with all their television viewing requirements.

By utilising a single antenna array JD Geerings Electrical can distribute satellite television, digital television, CCTV pictures, radio as well as any other digital media through a single or a dual cable to multiple dwellings within one building or complex, a large private house or a tower block.
Large Scale Electrical Services
Lightning Protection
In accordance with regulatory requirements, surge protection devices are required for the majority of commercial and industrial applications and are recommended in many residential developments to prevent the risk of fire, equipment damage, or injury in the event of over-voltage caused by grid fluctuations or lightning strikes.
JD Geerings Electrical will provide the full service, from design & selection of equipment through to installation, testing & commissioning and post-completion service & maintenance.
Large Scale Electrical Services
PV Systems and EV Car Charging
JD Geerings Electrical have a very pro-renewables approach. PV (photovoltaic) and EV Car Charging installations are other services provided. All solutions are tailormade and bespoke depending on individual requirements, with no ‘one size fits all’ answer.

Benefits of solar-powered electricity generation include:
• Electricity all year round
• Cutting energy bills
• Increasing market value of domestic & commercial property in ‘future-proofing’
• Reducing carbon footprint

With millions of hybrid and electric cars on the road and with this anticipated to multiply several times over coming years, providing secure and reliable charging points for fleet, visitor, employee, contractor or personal vehicles is an increasing priority for all.

JD Geerings Electrical take care of the whole process from end-to-end, including measuring spatial options for roof PV, calculating anticipating annual savings, to installation and testing, along with service & maintenance. When it comes to charging, JD Geerings Electrical complete the analysis and sourcing of the correct charging equipment and infrastructure, including pay-per-charge terminals if required, to, once again the installation and testing, along with service & maintenance.
Large Scale Electrical Services
Life Safety Systems
JD Geerings Electrical design, install and support accredited life safety systems for all types of organisations. Pre-design risk assessments and reviews are key to ensure a project-specific and suitable solution for each individual requirement.

The priority of JD Geerings Electrical for each installation is to ensure the systems are performing efficiently and reliably with minimal false alarms. There is no room for error when it comes to life safety.
Large Scale Electrical Services
Data networks/structure
JD Geerings Electrical provide all from basic data systems up to structured cabling and large-scale fibre optic systems.

Whether you are enhancing your existing or setting-up a new network, JD Geerings Electrical will provide a suitable solution.
Large Scale Electrical Services
PPM & Servicing
At JD Geerings Electrical we understand that plant, equipment and services working efficiently post-installation are key to the effective benefit of the building. To keep services running smoothly and ensure the longevity of that installed, we offer comprehensive pre-planned maintenance and servicing solutions, as well as reactive attendance/call-outs.

Benefits of effective servicing and maintenance include:

• Improved Equipment Reliability
• Extended Equipment Lifespan
• Reduced Operational Costs
• Increased Safety
• Compliance with Industry Regulations

Don't leave the performance of your equipment to chance. Take a proactive approach to maintenance and servicing.
We offer full plumbing and heating services via our sister company, JD Geerings Plumbing & Heating limited
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